Father’s day is coming, a special moment to coddle the most important man in your life: the first hero to his son, the first love to his daughter.

He was right there, next to you, to point you the right direction. Is he a very tender man, or a lover of travels, or a stylish person or a daydreamer? Here are Nomination's gift ideas for Father’s day.

Nomination gift ideas
We learn from the tales and cartoons we grew up with, that being a tender and loving person doesn’t mean being weak! Tenderness is a virtue of the brave. If we think of The Lion King and Mufasa, vigorous and audacious, also able to be very sweet to Simba, who grew day by day thanks to his teachings. It’s just the love we feel for our dad that encourages us to follow his advice.

Focus on simplicity and choose our Composable Dad Link in steel and black enamel. 

In addition to having a big heart, is your dad also an animal lover and inseparable from his super-faithful four-legged friend? He‘s actually also your puppy’s dad, then why not add your furry friend in his special Nomination Composable with a special pet link.

Nomination gift ideas for a sporty dad
And if he’s more like the King Triton, the Little Mermaid’s father, king of waters and sea, here are some gift ideas for your sporty dad, for which every moment of the day is the right one to go for a run, for a walk or whatever else is a great way to get active.

Does he like to cycle, sail, run, or maybe soccer or football is more his thing.

Nomination gift ideas for a traveller dad
Probably as a child, you missed your dad when he was away on business, but today you are happy if he travels and is ready to enjoy his free time. Whether he is like Pongo from One Hundred and One Dalmatians, ready to start an endless journey for a good cause, or maybe he is a globetrotter just like Babar the elephant.

Select Composable link flags or travel icons to remind him of his travels.

Nomination gift ideas for a stylish dad

Is your dad stylish just like King Stefan, Aurora's dad, in Disney's Sleeping Beauty? Then you definitely have to choose a special classy gift for a man who has an eye for detail. Our Nomination Trendsetter Collection or the funky Tribe Collection will inspire you.

Nomination gift ideas for a creative and dreamer dad
For a dreamer idealist dad, who has always taught you the importance of creativity and has always been there for you, among tales and toys, as Geppetto, the woodcarver and father of Pinocchio, how about a double gift: one for you, one for him.


Do you want to tell him that he is your super hero, your point of reference, the person you aspire to be like? Then buy two Composable Bracelets: yours with the “Super Kid” Link and one for your dad with, obviously, the “Super Dad” Link.

There are many Nomination options ready to help you find perfect and unique gifts on Father's Day!