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Sometimes we argue and then we immediately forget why. Sometimes we don't see each other for a long time, but when we meet again it is as if we had never separated. Sometimes we get angry, but everything passes with a laugh together. In short, the relationship between two sisters is truly unique, it is of nature, instinct and heart.

When was the last time you surprised your sister? When did you get her something to remind her that your bond is stronger than ever, even though you haven't been seeing each other that often lately? Sometimes it's nice to remind a person how much you love them with a little thoughtful gift.

Compose a bracelet that speaks about your special bond.

Many links and charms with a special meaning are dedicated to sisters and the bond between them.

A bracelet to tell her "I love you!"

Is your sister's birthday approaching and you want to surprise her with a special gift? Choose a Composable Nomination bracelet with specially selected links that celebrate your special bond.

See our range of Sister composable links, jewels and Seimia personalisable jewellery.