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Nomination accompanies you on a journey to discover the most beautiful and interesting symbols to choose and to wear and give to your loved ones. Add these special symbols to your bracelet or great as gifts. Discover the symbols that represent your life among the Nomination Composable Links.

The meaning of the infinity symbol

We are surrounded by symbols, almost… infinite just like infinity itself! A symbol used in mathematics and physics to name the set of natural numbers, or other elements that have no limits. But even if the space around us is infinite, we are all the center of the universe and our love is often infinite! 

The butterfly and its symbolic meaning

The butterfly is not an animal like any other, but the most important essence of an animal. Butterflies, over the ages and in various cultures, have become a metaphor for metamorphosis. The Japanese also consider the butterfly as a symbol of beauty. If you are going through a very important period of inner transformation and change in your life, the butterfly symbolizes it best. 

Tree of Life

The tree has been a universally present symbol. From the biblical image of the tree of life with its symbolic meaning, to the Sioux tribes that represent it at the center of the circle of the world, the tree represents a symbol connected between earth and sky. The roots anchored to the origins and the branches reaching out towards a process of growth and evolution.

Key symbol

The pendants with the symbol of the key are given as a gift to celebrate coming of age, to sanction the entry of young people into the world of adults. In the cultures of the Far East, the keys are considered "good luck". 

The symbolic meaning of the moon

The moon has always exerted great fascination in poetry and art. With all its symbolic meanings linked to the female universe, fertility, but also death and rebirth in the night. An allegory that refers to an image of eternal return, a symbol of cyclical processes. 

Meaning of the symbol Yin and Yang

The concept of Yin and Yang is very ancient and is the basis of Chinese philosophy and thought. It is the symbol of duality present in every element of which the Universe is composed: two opposite and complementary entities that form a whole. Like the night that cannot exist without the day and vice versa.

Nomination offers a version of this symbol that is split into the yin and the yang,  one for you and one to give to the person who completes you, from the #oneformeoneforyou collection.

Meaning of the Greek eye

Also known as the "eye of Allah" or "Nazar", in countries of Muslim culture such as Turkey, it has been used as a good luck charm against the "evil", give a gift of good luck to your friends and family and help them ward off danger.

The dragonfly

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and change, but also of meditation and reflective thinking, aimed at going beyond appearances to seek one's own identity. In European culture, the dragonfly is considered a symbol of freedom, peace and the search for truth.

The Hand of Fatima

The Hand of Fatima is an esoteric symbol linked to ancient female divinities, with a symbolism coming from cults of the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations. It is widespread throughout the Middle East, used in the Muslim religion as a symbol of patience, seriousness, faith, self-control and temperance. The Hand of Fatima is also known in the Jewish religion as the Hand of Miriam. Express your inner spirituality.


Symbol of union, promise, love, marriage, but also an allegory of family ties and connections with the community to which they belong. For the ancient Egyptians, knots represented infinite life. In Chinese symbolism, the knot is a symbol of good luck and embodies the bond with the positive energy to overcome an obstacle.

The turtle and its meaning

Linked to both the universe and the earth, the turtle is described as wise and a bearer of truth in many fables. For the Maya, the turtle was connected to the stars and constellations. Starting from the shell that would represent the celestial vault. The shield of Orion is called a turtle in the Yucatec language, the god of the Moon is portrayed with a breastplate made up of turtle shields. It represents tenacity, resilience, strength, but also longevity.

Discover some of the most important symbols of the history and cultures of the world. Wear the Nomination link symbols that best represent you and give your friends and family the ones that best suit their personality or circumstance.